headshotChelsea hasn’t done anything with her life.

Okay, that’s not true. Chelsea has completed her undergrad with a degree in both psychology and literature, where she wrote her capstone paper on the reliability of eyewitness testimony (it’s not) and another capstone paper the same semester on the books Pride and Prejudice and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which she lovingly referred to as and Zombies. She’s also completed her Masters in Publishing, where she discovered she’s not very artistic, but she does like copyediting.

Chelsea also worked at a psychiatric hospital in the Midwest for nearly three years—something like two years and eleven months, if anybody’s counting—which is now the basis for any work-related story she tries to tell. Everybody has retail horror stories. Not everybody can tell a story about the look on a doctor’s face when you say the bruise on your arm is a human bite mark.

For now, Chelsea is a Minnesotan transplanted into Boston for grad school, where she aims to bring her Midwestern sensibilities to the East Coast in things such as the pronunciation of caramel (car-mel), the proper term for the fizzy carbonated beverages (pop), and the proper sports to follow (hockey).

And in a seamless switch from third person to first person, let’s talk a little about what the point of this blog is.

The aim of this blog is largely to give me a chance to talk about the books I read and the TV shows I watch (Netflix. Read: Netflix). For the most part, non-book reviews will be older TV shows that I’m either re-watching or finally watching fully for the first time.

I’m accessible via Twitter for anyone who wants to talk to me that way.